Wessex Saddleback Pigs​

We always knew we wanted a rare breed pig when we first started out. After much looking around at various breeds, we found the Wessex appealed to us greatly. They do very well outdoors, their dark hide protecting them from the summer heat, produce a nice size litter, are a lovely looking pig and are known for producing a nice meat. As you can see from looking around the website, Instagram and FB, our pigs have a pretty easy life.
They free range all day long, digging around in the paddock, wallowing if they feel like it, play with their pals. We keep our litters in their own separate paddocks with mums moving out once they have the kids weaned. As with the sheep, we leave our girls to it when they are farrowing, only intervening if needs be. In previous years I used to lovingly make up the arcs with a nice warm bed of straw for farrowing, but gave up after the girls continually mocked my attempts at nest building before heading off to make their own. At present we have commenced a trial of raising the pigs on home grown in ground crops and crops which we have had baled. At the moment they are on a mix of sorghum and cowpea. Whey and milk are added to this diet courtesy of our jerseys. Vegetable waste from our kitchen garden and damaged citrus/ fruit from the orchard are a big favourite also. 
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