About Us

Both of us have been raised with a farming background, me, Yvonne, in Ireland, and David in Tasmania. Sharing the same belief of the value of raising little people on the land saw us coming back to it once they arrived. We work hard to be as self sufficient as we can be, from growing our own vegetables, having our little dairy herd and poultry flock, raising our own meat, growing and making our own composts and mulch, seed saving, making our food from scratch. Nothing was wasted when I was growing up. There was a reason for everything, from the manure heap, to the animals, to the apple orchard, and the flowers which grew underneath. Vegetable scraps from the garden were fed to the pigs, as was the leftover milk from the dairy. My mother cooked everything from scratch, every meal different from the last depending on what was in season. A Sunday roasting joint, as was the great tradition, did for cold cuts and a few more meals before the bone was fed to the dog. It left a huge impression on me and something I was always keen for my children to experience. The satisfaction derived from growing, making, planting or cooking is enormous. Watching the cycle of life, be it seasonal changes of the skies, plants or animals. What started as something just for ourselves soon expanding into opening a farm gate and attending our local farmers market as locals in the community began to ask to purchase meat. As with life, the farm is constantly shifting and changing. The Facebook page and Instagram are a good way to keep with the day to day life of the farm.