Inish Jerseys

Inish Jerseys came about as a result of the little people desperately wanting to be part of the local Ag show dairy classes.
They had been showing calves for others but were desperate for jerseys of their own. And so it began.
Some stud heifer calves were purchased from local dairies. A local bull or two came for a visit, and we had a few more calves. The passion showed no sign of abating, so the cows had a few more calves, and on it goes! Luckily for the little people, both their parents have a soft spot for dairy cows… Our little herd is now very much part of operations on the farm. Their manure is composted for the gardens. Left over hay/silage becomes mulch. The milk is used in the house for yoghurt, cheese making, and is an integral part of brown bread. All the calves, both male and female, stay with their mums until they are naturally weaned at around 8/9 months old. Our bull calves, once weaned, become Rose Veal. The heifers remain with the herd, and when old enough will become milkers themselves. At present the girls are on a mix of fresh grass, baled sorghum/cowpea mix and silage. As with the beef, they will go onto a rye grass mix over winter. Please go to the farmshop page for information about purchasing rose veal.