Farm Dinners

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The farm dinners came about as a result of us wanting to give something back to the community, to do something which highlighted local producers, and a excuse for a night out! All monies remaining after the cost of putting the dinner on go to a local charity. In previous years enough money has been raised with each dinner to purchase a new horse for Sunshine Coast Riding for the Disabled. The menus are highly seasonal. We do not release a menu prior to the event. As this is a charity dinner and not a restaurant we are unable to cater for every dietary need as catering costs become too high, which negates the purpose of it being a fundraising event. We offer the option of vegetarian and gluten free. If you are unsure please email us before purchasing a seat. We will refund in full anyone who presents us with unrealistic dietary requirements. We require a minimum of one weeks notice if you cannot make the event. After that time we will only be able to refund the donation portion of your seat price.

Ponies purchased with money from Farm Dinners for 'Riding for the Disabled'.