Murray Grey Beef

When looking at the type of beef animal we wished to raise here on the farm when we first started out, there were a few requirements. They needed to do well on grass, be easy to handle, tolerate hot summers, calve easily with good mothering instincts, and produce a good quality meat. The Murray Grey ticked all of those boxes. Of course a lot of breeds can say the same thing but being of Australian origin made them all the more attractive, and in the end, the obvious choice for us. We are delighted at how the Murray Grey has worked out for us, not only from very positive customer feedback, but also how they integrate with the whole farm. Throughout the year they graze rotationally on summer grasses, home grown silage and planted winter mixed grasses. In keeping with our low stress policies on the farm, we use the horses if we need to move them, although they are so spoilt now that usually they start roaring to be moved after only a few days in a paddock. Please watch this film for the interesting history of the beginning of the breed.  Further information on the breed can be found at